At Lebreton Wellness

Our goal is to restore proper function to the nervous, muscle and joint systems to help minimize or eliminate your pain..

Every Patient has specific needs

We always assess each patient thoroughly and use an approach that is best for that individual.

We take the time to listen to you

Asking the right questions and listening to the answers allow us to find and fix your problems quickly.

We create personalized treatment plans

Our treatment plans are short and specific.We won't ask you to sign up for long term treatments because we see results fast.

Don't suffer in pain we can help

People often think their problems can't be fixed. With our wealth of experience and variety of techniques, you will see the changes in no time.

Dr. Cole E. Futterer
B.Sc.(Hons.), D.C.

Dr. Cole Futterer uses a variety of treatments including soft tissue therapy, manipulation, acupuncture and rehabilitation and firmly believes that treating the source of the problem, not just the symptoms, is of the utmost importance.

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The Lebreton Wellness Team

Meet the experts who will take the time that your body needs.

Dr. Cole E. Futterer

B.Sc.(Hons.), D.C.

Dr. Aaron Lynn

B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc., D.C.

Liz Osterer

B.Sc.(Hons.), D.C.

Kathy Thayer

RMT, Registered Massage Therapist

David Nathaniel Vice

RMT, Registered Massage Therapist

Katrina O'Neill

KoFitness Coach

Brant Losch

Usui Reiki Practitioner

Steph Futterer

Yoga Instructor

Our Services

At Lebreton Wellness we empower and educate our patients to gain a better understanding of their body, guiding them to a happier, healthier lifestyle. We use a variety of treatments including:

Myofascial Release Technique

This is used to decrease the tension in the muscles and fascia to help restore proper function to the muscle and surrounding joints. It is done by taking tension on a specific muscle and lengthening the muscle over top of the practitioners thumb or fingers. It allows for more fluid movements in the body and is a part of almost all of our treatment plans.

Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture is used as a therapy most often in conjunction with manipulation and myofascial work to stimulate endorphins(a natural pain relieving substance) for pain relief. It helps to stimulate the nervous system to loosen tight muscles, strengthen inhibited (weak) muscles, increase blood flow for healing and decrease stress by way of the autonomic nervous system. These benefits are often why acupuncture is seen as one of the most powerful techniques for improving your overall health. It is used most commonly for the lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and shoulder pain.

Manipulation & Adjustments

This technique is how the entire profession originated. This technique is how the entire profession originated. Manipulation allows for proper joint function to occur and is a crucial component in almost all lower back, mid back and neck problems.


We use rehabilitation to help create long-lasting effects for our treatments. We specifically design an exercise program which will help you learn how to use your core properly. Rehabilitation is important in every injury and is an important long term treatment that will prevent pain from returning.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

This technique is used for fascial dysfunctions which are present in nearly every condition. A specific fascial tool will be rubbed on top of the skin and will allow for improvement in the myofascial system, creating better movement patterns.This is used in conjunction with myofascial release technique and is used most often on the calves, shins, IT band, back muscles, rib muscles and forearms.

Custom-Fit Orthotics

By wearing orthotics that have been custom-made, you can improve your gait mechanics and help with a wide range of ailments such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ITB syndrome, postural conditions to name a few. .

Interferential Current (IFC) Treatment

By stimulating the nervous system using specially designed equipment, you can receive immediate relief of your musculoskeletal pain. This is used most often for acute lower back pain.

Microcurrent Treatment

Applying low-level current is a quick, pain-free method of enhancing the healing process of your injured tissue. This is most commonly done for swelling and joint dysfunctions.

Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists CAT (C) treat sport and activity related injuries. They are known for their more active and aggressive approach to recovery in the attempt to speed up the healing process. Athletic Therapy coverage is available in most extended health care plans but you should check your individual policies.

Massage Therapy

More aggressive or more gentle approaches are available to loosen up fascia, muscles and adhesions that are preventing your body from moving properly. You will feel changes in the movement and strength in your body with a variety of massage techniques. We typically book in 60 minute sessions but shorter or longer appointment times are available.

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  • What comprises a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree?

    Chiropractors are regulated, primary health care practitioners who have undergone over 4500 hours of academic and clinical education at a nationally accredited chiropractic college, after having already completed an undergraduate, university education.

  • What should I expect at my first appointment?

    There will be a few forms to fill out regarding your concerns, health, and personal history. From there you will see the doctor and he will conduct a thorough history, perform an examination, give you a diagnosis and communicate to you the best course of action for your personalized treatment plan. You should bring clothing that allows you to move freely and allows the area of concern to be visible (shorts, tank tops etc.). The visit, including your first treatment, should take approximately 45 minutes.

  • Do chiropractors only treat the spine?

    No, chiropractors treat more than just the spine. They are well-educated in the entire body and can treat all of the different joints therein. They treat headaches, TMJ dysfunctions, rotator cuff strains, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other common and uncommon ailments.

  • Once I start going to a chiropractor, do I have to keep going for the rest of my life

    No, this is a myth. However, many people do continue with regular visits because they see and feel the benefits that chiropractic care can have on their everyday life.

  • How does chiropractic treatment work?

    Chiropractic works in many different ways but the biggest change you will see is to your nervous system. Our nervous system is in control of our body's function and by combining all of the techniques at our clinic and our expertise at diagnosing the problem, we see huge changes to the nervous system which results in immediate and long term pain relief.

  • Is it safe for a child to see a chiropractor?

    Yes. We recommend bringing your child in for an assessment to ensure proper development. Many of the problems we have in adulthood arise from problems with development and children often need very few appointments to see incredible changes.

  • Can you see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

    Yes. Many pregnant women find this extremely beneficial for their back pain during pregnancy but also for ensuring proper hip alignment for the birthing process.

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